Blackhead Remover Nose Face Mask Strip Black Head Pore Acne Deep Cleansing


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Product Information

100% Brand new and high quality!
There is no pain and full face available.
You don not need to worry about the black head problem.
The absorption of acne and contractive pore.
Oli control and bright and clean your skin.


Color: black
Size:5.5 3 13.5cm
Net weight:50ml
Component:vitamin B5,Bamboo charcoal and so on.


Package included:
1 x Bamboo Charcoal Mask


Product Details

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Feel skin clear with natural cleansing with the power of charcoal.

Special Instructions

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1) Simply wash and apply a hot wet towel to nose and problem
areas for about 2-5 minutes.


2) Apply generous even layer of "BLACKHEAD REMOVER"
to face and nose not too thin and not too thick approx 2mm.


3) Wait 10-15 minutes until mask is completely dry to touch.
Wait 5 more minutes if doesn't peel to ensure mask is fully dry
even beneath top layer of product. Longer is better, mask will
not work if not fully dry.


4) Rub with a finger carefully at the edge of the mask to lift a
small bit of the dry mask. Then carefully and slowly peel by pulling.


5) Watch the magic happen as blackheads, clogged pores and
dirt is lifted off your face and stuck to the mask.


6) Wash face thoroughly with warm water.
** Note: Close tube tightly after each use to prevent drying out